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Planning to live our dream.  

Planning to live our dream took a few years. Firstly we had to retire which took quite a bit of planning and a few years to come to actual retirement time.

Some years went slowly and some years flew but the closer the time came, the time ran at lightning speed.

We had to plan the logistics and timings regarding finishing our employment as well as all the detail required for future savings, once off payouts and pension savings plans. There were also the cars to sell and various household effects needing selling as well.

We had to plan selling the house which in effect was long in the planning but very short in the execution – we went on the market in Dec 2018 and were sold up and moved out by 31 March 2019.

Planning for which caravan and towing vehicle to buy, was really fun. Over many days of drawing up lists and visiting dealers we decided on the actual make / model caravan before deciding on the towing vehicle as there are various road rules regarding the different size / weight one can tow with certain engine capacity towing vehicle.

We settled for the Jurgens Exclusive caravan as we felt an onboard shower and toilet would be welcome during our 12 month trip. We then settled on a Ford Ranger 3.2 Super Cab as towing vehicle so that we have the power required to tow the large caravan. The Super Cab also allows more bakkie space required for packing for long trips. We took ownership in Feb 2019.

We were left with literally 2 weeks to pack up all our belongings from the house and decide what was going into storage and what was coming with – the mere fact of downsizing from a house to a “tiny house” was stressful to say the least and went right down to the wire, literally finishing hours before we had to leave the house.

We dropped the cats at the cattery early on Sat 30 March, where they were staying until re-homed, then we spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and making last minute trips to the storage container, before leaving late afternoon for the caravan park in Stellenbosch where we would be spending our first month acclimatising to caravan life. We then returned to the house and worked all day Sunday as the job was not finished – backbreaking work later, we left for the final time late on Sunday, finally ready to start the adventure.

We realised that you don’t suddenly wake up one day and start living the dream, the dream takes a long time to work it’s way through to reality, and really, you are living the dream throughout the dreaming itself.


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