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With the bakkie packed full of our belongings which had been carefully downsized for tiny house living, we headed for our first caravan park, being Mountain Breeze in Stellenbosch.

At this stage our caravan was still being readied by Tygerberg Caravans and they were due to deliver it to us at Mountain Breeze in a week’s time. One of the chalets at Mountain Breeze would be home until then when we would move over to the caravan sites.

After a few unexpected events and frustrations, our caravan was delivered and we moved over.

Being new to caravanning, we had much to learn, for example I learned that at some sites one even has to use an electric drill to drill deep enough to get tents pegs into extremely hard sand – lesson learned, buy a hammer that absorbs the impact. We also quickly learned to purchase a battery operated portable motion based alarm system for the tent as there were a few break in’s at the camp.

There was still the feeling that we had too much “stuff” so we had to make a few trips with goodies in the bakkie, back to our storage facility near Melkbos…we actually went quite a few times – eventually we felt we had downsized enough.

We met some great folk here, I became well known for asking advice on a daily basis but they stuck with us and helped a lot and we remain good friends with them now.

Mountain Breeze was a nice campsite, good clean and working ablutions, laundromat and overall a nice, clean, well run campsite. The camp and sites are surrounded by huge, tall trees like a mini forest and the whooshing sound of arriving winds and rain is relaxing, yet ethereal.

The caravan park is very close to Stellenbosch Square mini shopping mall, making quick shopping a pleasure. We often took trips over to Strand to do bigger shopping, rather than go into Stellenbosh itself which we always found a bit daunting with traffic and narrow roads.

Mountain Breeze borders on the R44 double lane road which is busy and on the other side on a working strawberry farm where I spent many of my jogging hours rather than jogging the insanely busy R 44. Being March / April, we were still in Autumn type weather and days were pleasant with evenings becoming chilly and rain fell quite a few times. The surrounding farmlands in the area all had a lovely “walking through fields of gold” feeling and our drives through the area were really enjoyable.

We were booked for a month and as the month headed to an end, we decided to go stay in Paarl for a while as we wanted to get the experience of moving camp (I had yet to experience towing a caravan) and more importantly, our cats had not been re – homed from the cattery yet so we felt that we would like to stay in the Cape Town area still whilst awaiting their re – homing.

We were all packed, hooked up, had a few last minute hints and help from our friends and when about to leave, we tested the caravan / bakkie hitch and the lights on the caravan wern’t working. The dilemma was that one can’t take a chance towing a big caravan without the cars behind being able to see your driving intentions, so were we to wait till Monday or what do we do?

No problem, our friend Neil, hooked up to his vehicle and towed through to Paarl on his vehicle with.. us following.

This meant that…I still did not get the needed towing experience in our bakkie.

Our 2nd caravan site awaited in Paarl, a mere 30 km away…….

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