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Up the hill out of Berg River, along the N1 through the Paarl toll gates, through the Huguenot Tunnel and on to Worcester – the going was great. This was the first opportunity to be towing our new caravan and it was fantastic, so solid and so easy. Life is great.

We overnighted at Laingsburg at a caravan park called Sit & Rus, and although far from ideal, it wasn’t at all bad. There were contractors staying in the bungalows and it was pretty noisy outside being a walkway to the railway station and a truckstop at the back so we slept with half an eye open but were ready to roll in the morning.

It was a relatively short drive up to Beaufort West with Karoo National Park being just on the outskirts of the town.

A nice long tar road through the reserve to the caravan park and we selected a lovely site in what is really a very, very nice caravan park. The sites are a good size with space between caravans and the ablution blocks are very clean and modern. We opted not to put our tent up as we were only going to be here for 4 days, we used our table and chairs outside under the trees and just packed them away at night – worked very well.

On the first day we took a long drive to the back end of the reserve and honestly didn’t see much at all, the roads were a bit challenging and game was very few and far between.

Next day we went to the front side of the reserve which is along the main road we drove in on and there are some good drives to take from the main road. We returned to this side every day and didn’t go to the back area again.

We saw lots of ostrich, zebra, buck and rhino and bird life is abundant. One day we went into the “bush braai area” through security gates. Whilst in there we heard lion chuffing and when we had finished and left, we drove around the immediate area for a few hours but saw no lion, although they were definitely near.

We never got to see lion in the reserve but we just missed lions trying to chew car tyres at the gate between living quarters and the reserve and we were advised that they had then headed up towards the mountains at the back of the park. On our last day there was excitement as SanParks rangers and vet took off in a helicopter right outside the caravan park, heading to the back of the reserve to locate the elusive lions and tasked with placing radio collars on some of the lions in the pride. Regrettably we left a few hours later and never got to hear the outcome.

All in all this was a great stay, it’s a lovely reserve, the caravan park is really superb and shopping in town is relatively easy as well.

We definitely want to return.

Next on the agenda…..Camdeboo National Park near Graaff-Reinet, followed by Mountain Zebra National Park near Cradock…Eastern Cape, here we come.


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