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Living the dream

Looking out at birds flitting from tree to tree on a sunny winter’s morning in Mossel Bay, who would have thought that we would be living what was only a dream a few years ago.

Yes, we now have the Covid19 situation that has shocked and rocked the world, but we move forward day by day with our new life, currently living in both “the now” and in anticipation of what tomorrow can bring.

We still have a dream and still are able to live in today, being the manifest dream of yesterday and beyond.

Our dream started in 2013 when Lesley and I were married and as we worked through daily / monthly / annual goals, we always knew that we wanted early retirement and to travel SA in a caravan for at least 12 months whilst visiting some of the stunning places in South Africa, and yes, we have come to learn that SA is a land with some incredible places and some amazing people to meet throughout the land.

Having taken early retirement, we always knew that we would want to carry on working after the 12 months tour in order to supplement income and we always had the desire to never return to corporate life or formal employment.

During our adventure, opportunity arose for us to buy our own online business and we started running the business, turning a portion of our caravan tent into our office and working from home, which subsequently became the new way of doing business when lockdown arrived in March 2020.

This blog is, and will be, the fulfillment of some of our dreams as well as what we have learned and what we have seen in our travels and the blog will hopefully inspire others wanting to travel by caravan or start online income streams especially during these new and different times where online income and online shopping are going to become bigger and bigger and more of a necessity than ever before.

Our blog will be split into different categories to make it more interesting and some will relate to our travels and some will relate to our new passion for online business.


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